Predictions and business ideas to steal

Around this time last year, I distinctly remember thinking that newsletters were blowing up as a form of content consumption. Since that point, it feels like the hype around them has continued to grow exponentially.

Just about every time I go on my Twitter feed, I’m seeing some form of…

My second annual edition of yearly takeaways

Sometime this morning, I turned 24 years old and casually entered my mid-twenties. This one feels a little bigger than the last few.

Maybe it has to do with everything that’s taken place this year offering some new perspective. Maybe it’s all in my head. …

How to acquire and activate new users

The way you welcome people into your product will make or break the experience for them. It doesn’t matter if you have the best offering ever — If your onboarding falls short, everything else will as well.

In this post, I’ll lay out what I’ve picked up while working on…

How Edelman, the world’s largest public relations and marketing consultancy firm, quickly stands up teams to handle crises

You don’t need a pandemic or natural disaster to face a crisis as an organization. Unexpected events happen, and sometimes you need a rapid response.

In fact, the skills needed for rapid response translate well to a lot of projects. Even in “normal” times, every industry is bombarded by rapid…

Conor Dewey

Product at Metabase. Previously growth at Hugo and data science at Squarespace. Writing here now:

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